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Guide to Talenox Employee Apps

As a staff or employee, once you are given access by your employer, HR or administrator, you can access Talenox easily and have access to 2 main apps - Payslip and Leave.


Below is a simple guide to show you on how you can navigate in Payslip and Leave app.  


To know more about Payslip app, please refer to slides 5 - 7.  Once you select a time period, you may print each payslip out. Click the "Print Payslip" button (top right-hand corner page).


(feel free to maximise it to have a clearer view)


In the Leave app, you may apply for leave and view your leave entitlements.

  1. Click on the blue Apply Leave button (top right-hand corner of screen).
  2. Follow the steps in the Apply Leave page to start you first leave application.
  3. Submit application, and simply wait for your leave to be approved.
  4. You can view your leave applications and entitlements when you click on Leave Profiles in the top left secondary navigation bar.


If you need further help, feel free to reach out to us through our in-app Live Chat.



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