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User Roles - Super Admin, Admin and User

If you're a setting up a new company on Talenox, you may create multiple user roles, depending on how your company grants access rights to its various employees.


These are the types of user roles available:


 System Roles Super Admin Admin User
Typical Company Role Management, HR/Finance Lead, Payroll/Finance service vendor Manager,  HR/Finance Administrator, 
Vendor account manager
All employees with a Profile created in Talenox with an activated account
Modules available Any or all
(Profiles, Payroll, Leave)
Any or all
(Profiles, Payroll, Leave)
Only selected ones
(Payslip, Leave)
Ability to create new companies Yes No No
Ability to edit user access & role settings Yes No No
Billing Control & Invoice history Yes No No
Leave Approval/Submission on behalf of others Yes
(for anybody as company admin)
(for anybody as company admin)
(respects approval structure settings)


Frequently asked questions (FAQ):


1. If I am the Talenox account manager (e.g. service provider) on behalf of a client which role is most suitable?


If you signed up for Talenox on behalf of your client, you will be defaulted as the company’s Super Admin. The same applies if you create another Company under your existing Talenox account.


2. If I am a Super Admin for a company, can I add more Super Admins?


Yes, you may also remove them as Super Admins and vice versa. It is advisable to restrict the number of Super Admins per company.


3. How do I add a new user that is not on the list?


You have to add an employee profile, enter a contact email then check the option to create an account for this person.


4. What should I do if the account was created but my employee did not receive an activation email?


Either you or your employee may use this link to request another account activation email.


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