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Uploading OCBC Bank File

Here's the guide to OCBC Bank File upload for Singapore Payroll.


Let’s first recap what a Payroll Bank File is.

A Payroll Bank File is a .txt file that maybe named differently for different payroll platforms.  For Talenox, when the Bank File is being output, it will be named like the following: bank_file14092963432.txt.


You may be thinking why a Payroll Bank File is needed.  To put it simply,

Imagine keying in entries for 30 or more employees into the bank’s portal.  That sounds tedious, doesn’t it? It gets worse when companies have 100 – 1000 employees, or more. If you’re the person keying in these data, we guarantee you – the time’s really not worth it.


At Talenox, we are people-focused. We aim to make lives easier. Hence, we created a smart system to automatically process your Payroll Bank Files, so that you can upload just one file, and that’s it.  Here are the steps to upload the Payroll Bank File to OCBC, once you have obtained the Bank File from a payroll platform (likeTalenox).


 (feel free to maximise it to have a clearer view)


Congratulations, you’ve now mastered how to upload your OCBC bank file. Yep, it is that simple. We must also applaud OCBC for revamping its platform. It’s really quite well-designed. Kudos to OCBC! 

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