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How to Set Employee Name Order in Tax Forms? (Malaysia)
How to Set Employee Name Order in Tax Forms? (Malaysia)
Setting name order showing in tax forms for employees. Form EA, CP21, CP22, CP22A and TP3.
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We have pushed out a feature to allow for you (Admin) to set name order settings in tax form generation for employees in Talenox.

This is to provide increased flexibility for Admins to set the name order showing in tax forms according to an employee's identification records.

To select the name order settings you'd like to see in your tax forms generated, you can follow the steps below:

1) Head to Payroll > Payroll settings > [Tax Form] > Edit Name Order Setting

2) You'll be able to set the name order settings according to the following options for employees:

  • "First Last" - First Name then Last Name

  • "Last First" - Last Name then First Name

  • "Bank account name" - Name keyed into Bank Account Holder's Name (under Employee Profile > Payment Details)

The First Name, Last Name and Bank account name are all pulled in from each employee's profile for their personal tax forms generated in the system.

3) Click on "Save" to save these settings for tax form generation

NOTE: Please do set the tax form name order settings BEFORE generating forms for employees in Talenox. 😊

Happy filing!

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