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How To Use Talenox's CPF Direct Link-up with CPFB? (Beta)
How To Use Talenox's CPF Direct Link-up with CPFB? (Beta)
CPF Direct Link-up for Statutory Payments guide. CPF File download not required.
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CPF Direct Link-up is currently in beta testing - this is an opt-in feature only. Please approach our team ( to help enable this for you.

We've launched our CPF Direct Link-up with the Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB) such that you will be able to send and pay for your statutory contributions directly from Talenox now. πŸ‘

NOTE: This is NOT an API integration, so the integration flow will be different from that of our IR8A submissions to IRAS.

Making The Submission

Here are the steps you'll need to take to make your CPF submissions via our Direct Link-up in Talenox:

1) Head to our CPF file download/submission page in Payroll > Payroll settings > Month Total > Export Bank Payment / CPF / Reports > CPF:

2) In the CPF page, select the payment batches you'd like to submit CPF for and then click on the "Submit / Download CPF file" button:

3) This will open up a pop-up page with the options to either "Download CPF file" or submit your employee's CPF contributions through the Direct Link-up. Click on the "CPF Direct Link-up Submission" option:

Note: If you prefer to utilise the CPF download and upload option, you can choose to "Download CPF File" instead and upload your CPF file as per normal. πŸ‘

4) Another tab in your browser should open to allow you to log into CPFB with your Singpass:

After logging in, a message of "You have logged in successfully. Please proceed to submit" will appear as a prompt:

5) After successful login, please do head back to the original Talenox CPF submission page and click on "Submit":

6) You'll then be prompted to make payment to CPFB automatically in another browser tab through the following flow:

  • Select Payment Mode

  • Select the Direct Debit deduction date for the payment deduction to take place (from the calendar that appears)

  • CPF EZPay Acknowledgement

7) The CPF submission for this payment in Talenox will now be blanked out to prevent duplicate submissions of the same payment batch:

Checking On Your Submission

To check that your submission and deductions have been scheduled/paid out, you can follow the steps below here:

1) Head to the CPFB main website and click on "Submit CPF Contributions":

2) Click on the "CPF EZPay" option where you'll be prompted to login with your Singpass:

3) The next page is where you'll can view any pending deductions scheduled from Talenox via your CPF Direct Link-up:

Hope this helps πŸ˜„

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