Recently, we have just completed a major revamp of our Billing page to further improve our users' experience on the billing and/or subscription flow. Here is the breakdown of all functions in the new Billing page:

  1. New Billing Dashboard
  2. Subscription Plan Details
  3. Credits Tracking
  4. Invoices
  5. Payment Information

New Billing Dashboard

You can activate your Talenox subscription anytime during your trial period by clicking on the Billing Dashboard icon or head to Menu > Billing:

Once you are at Billing Dashboard page, click on the See Plans button. 

Subscription Plan Details

At the Subscription Plans page, when you have decided to proceed to active your subscription, click on the "Stay On This Plan. Upgrade Now" button. 

Thereafter, you can select the Payment Type i.e. Monthly Recurring or Purchase Credits (Annual Payment)

Monthly Recurring payment option will charge based on the current number of headcount in your account and the amount will increase when the headcount increases as well. 

For Purchase Credits (Annual Payment), you can set the projected number of employees for the year before proceeding with the subscription plan. You can edit this in the Subscription Plans page:

Do remember to add your credit/debit card information to ensure the subscription process is successful. 

Credits Tracking

If you have chosen the Purchase Credits (Annual Payment) option, you will be able to track the credits balance (which will be deducted on a monthly basis) in the Billing Dashboard page. 


Upon payment completion, the SUITE subscription will only begin after the trial ends if you are still on the 30-day free trial period. 

Thereafter, you can view invoices in the Billing Dashboard page and proceed to download then (if need to!). 

Payment Information

If you wish to edit your payment information, you can update the billing details or change your credit/debit card here:

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