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Integrate StaffAny with Talenox
Integrate StaffAny with Talenox

Connect Talenox to StaffAny, sync employees profiles, and start pulling in time sheets to process payroll

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With the Staffany<>Talenox integration, you’ll be able to dramatically cut down on the number of hours spent tracking employee work hours and running payroll.

This integration will greatly benefit current Talenox or StaffAny users who need a quick and direct way to import non-regular employee work hours into a payroll system to process. It’s a simple time tracking and payroll solution that allows our users to do more with less.

To get started, you’ll just need to complete a one-time setup. 

Push Employee Details over to StaffAny from Talenox

For new Talenox users, you can add your employees data into Talenox first by referring to this article. Once done, you can proceed with the steps below.

For existing Talenox users with employee profiles already set-up in the system, you can proceed to connect your Talenox account to StaffAny straight away with the steps below.

Do ensure that all staff have the following details set up in their employee profiles in Talenox accurately for identification:

  • Employee ID

  • Contact Number

1) Click on the down arrow on the top right-hand corner. Select ‘API Settings‘.

2) Next, copy the token shown by clicking on the "Copy Token" option

Note: You might need to reset the token first.

3) Head over to the StaffAny app.

Under the ‘Settings’ tab, click on the ‘Integrations‘ option in the sidebar. Paste the copied API token onto the 'API Token' field, and save the information. Thereafter, click on the "Import Staff to StaffAny" button:

4) You will be prompted to 'Import' your employee details into StaffAny and confirm the information showing

5) After importing to information to StaffAny, you should be able to see your employee's profiles under the "My Team" tab to start scheduling them for shifts

Pushing Timesheets over from StaffAny to Talenox for Payroll Processing

After approving timesheets in StaffAny for approval, you can then proceed to push the hours worked over to Talenox for payroll processing through the steps below:

1) Head to the 'Pay (BETA)' tab and select the hours in a payroll month to push over to Talenox.

2) Scroll down in the same page and under the 'Payroll Integration' section, select the "Push data" option.

3) For the push of timesheet information over to Talenox for payroll processing, you can view this quick video walkthrough to demonstrate how you can do so:

Have a great time utilising the Talenox <> StaffAny integration!

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