How to Pay EIS?

Steps to make EIS payment online via PERKESO ASSIST Portal.

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After registering with PERKESO for EIS contributions, you can proceed to make the necessary payments online via the PERKESO ASSIST Portal or via iPerkeso. If you have not done so, 'fret not. This article will provide the steps to help you along. 

After you have processed payroll, you can quickly export the EIS file (.txt format) under Month Total > Export Bank File/EPF/PCB (MTD)

Here are the steps to make online payment via PERKESO ASSIST Portal:

1. Log in to PERKESO ASSIST portal.

2. Under My Sites, do select EIS - CONTRIBUTION.

3. Thereafter, choose "Add Contribution (Text File)" under Employer Contribution

4. Click on Text File button to upload the EIS file that you have exported from Talenox.

5. A message will be displayed to indicate a successful EIS file upload. 

6. At the Contribution Summary page, click on the Back button. 

7. When you are ready, hit the Submit button. 

8. Click on Confirm to proceed with the submission. 

9. After the submission, proceed to process payment. 

10. At the Payment Information page, proceed to perform the following 3 steps. You are almost there!

11. Click to Continue at the Payment Cart page. 

12. Finally, you can complete your payment via FPX.

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