If you are viewing this, you will most likely know about Talenox's integration with Quickbooks Online and may have viewed the following page: https://www.talenox.com.sg/quickbooks/.

Please go through the following guide to set up your Talenox integration to Quickbooks Online. To do that, head over to Profiles app > Quickbooks Integration. Connect to Quickbooks and ensure that you link the individual Pay Items to the exact accounts in your Quickbooks Online Chart of Accounts.

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Once integration is done, you can start exporting payroll information to Quickbooks Online. After you process monthly payroll on Talenox, simply click on "Export > Quickbooks" to push the payroll information over to Quickbooks Online. View the following guide for more information:

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In future, when you make any changes in your Chart of Accounts in Quickbooks Online, you won't need to disconnect and reconnect in Profiles > Quickbooks Integration as it will auto-update in Talenox. 

*Do note that we have temporary disabled some of the categories to be pushed over to Quickbooks Online.  Eg. Commission, Allowances, Bonus, Reimbursement.

Recommended list of pay categories to populate in Chart of Accounts:

CPF  Contribution (Employee)
CPF  Contribution (Employer)
CPF  Employee Donation
CPF  Skills Development Levy
Salaries  and Wages

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